October 8, 2021
GSS European call centre provider unreachable ransomware attack

GSS, a European call centre provider, has been unreachable due to ransomware attack

One of Europe’s largest customer care and call centre providers, GSS, has undergone a devastating ransomware attack resulting in a massive freeze in its IT systems and has halted call centre services across its Spanish-speaking customer base. GSS is also a Spanish and Latin America division of the Covisian firm. This week, many call centres and...
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Data breach African Bank ransomware attack

Data breach confirmed against the African Bank, warns clients to report any suspicious account activities

Debt-IN, an appointed professional debt recovery associate of African Bank, was confirmed to be attacked by cybercriminals last April this year. It was initially reported that there was no found proof of any ransomware attack. However, a successful attack was recently verified, which means that some customers’ personal information has been compromised, including some African...
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