Data breach confirmed against the African Bank, warns clients to report any suspicious account activities

Data breach African Bank ransomware attack

Debt-IN, an appointed professional debt recovery associate of African Bank, was confirmed to be attacked by cybercriminals last April this year. It was initially reported that there was no found proof of any ransomware attack. However, a successful attack was recently verified, which means that some customers’ personal information has been compromised, including some African Bank Loan customers’ debt under review.

They also added that the implementation process of a robust mitigation plan regarding the issue is at play to lessen any damages. The bank collaborates with Debt-IN throughout the whole process. Relevant security authorities were alerted, and the affected clients were also notified through their SMS and email.


The African Bank fraud prevention team is also implementing increased precautionary steps to heighten further the security measures in ensuring the protection of all clients.


The bank mentioned that customers could apply for a free Protective Registration listing with the Southern African Fraud Prevention Services or SAFPS by emailing or contacting them at 0861 111 011 if they ever notice any suspicious activities happening on their bank accounts.

Reports state that this latest data breach against the African Bank is one of the high-profile cyber-attacks on South Africa for 2021.

Last September 15, a suspect was arrested in Gauteng, South Africa, for charges related to a data breach attack against Experian, a multinational consumer credit reporting firm, last August. The data breach that happened to Experian exposed millions of South African customers’ private information, as announced by the South African Banking Risk Information Centre or SABRIC. The exact number of Experian’s affected customers regarding the data breach has reached over 24 million South Africans and 793,749 businesses.

Moreover, the recent months were also tricky for the South African justice department after suffering a recent ransomware attack. They are still in the progress of having their systems work and be back online.

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