Hawaii Payroll Services company experienced a ransomware attack

Hawaii Payroll Services company ransomware attack compromised data

Hawaii Payroll Services LLC, a payroll processing company in Honolulu, has experienced a ransomware attack, which has compromised company data, including birthdays, client names, social security numbers, bank details, and more. 

As said by the payroll processing company, an unauthorized actor may have gained illegal access to their systems through a compromised client account. Then, the threat actor may have performed a privilege escalation attack that allowed them to remove any security software and encrypt all Hawaii Payroll’s data. They also suspended all remote client access upon learning about the ransomware attack and requested their third-party vendors in charge of their IT operations to review its scope. 

The Hawaii Payroll Services sent people affected by the ransomware attack letters to notify them about the situation; however, some letters were sent back to them unopened. 


Hawaii Payroll Services company is still retrieving some files that are compromised by the ransomware attack.


According to the payroll processing company’s owner, many files they were locked out of are still being retrieved. Fortunately, no reports about their company data being found on the dark web or used for suspicious activities. The owner also added that some of their encrypted data had already been released. 

The payroll processing company engaged in expert forensic assistance to investigate the situation and possibly remediate it by suggesting enhancements to security measures. 

Hawaii Payroll Services is a firm instituted in July 2003. Some clients of the payroll processing company include local firms such as the Diamond Bakery, Rainforest at Kilohana Square, Jean’s Warehouse, and Yummy’s BBQ. 

A police report and a complaint have been filed by the owner of Hawaii Payroll Services at Honolulu’s Federal Bureau of Investigation. Alerts toward the credit report agencies and state regulators are currently at hand. A first-degree unauthorized computer access investigation was opened by the Honolulu Police Department’s Financial Crimes Detail concerning the ransomware attack against the payroll processing company. As stated by the HDP spokesperson, there were no arrests yet regarding the case. 

Meanwhile, the update requested by the Hawaii Payroll Services complainant was not immediately responded to by the FBI. 

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