Desorden Group hacks ACER India servers: millions of user data gets compromised

Desorden Group hacks ACER India servers user data compromised ransomware

iZOOlogic security researchers have found the latest report about the threat group Desorden, which claims to have hacked the servers of ACER India, compromising millions of customer and corporate user accounts and financial data. More than 3,000 retailers’ login credentials have been affected by the data breach as well. 

ACER India (Pvt) Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a subsidiary of Acer Computer International, Ltd. The company focuses on advanced electronics technology and has key segments in education services. 


As per their post on a hacker forum RaidForumsDesorden Group has managed to steal approximately 60GB worth of sensitive files and databases from ACER India. 


A data breach link containing a video of details about the stolen files and databases has also been attached to the threat group’s post as proof of their claims. 

The video recording will show a text document that details the attack of the Desorden group against ACER India’s server network. The text document specified how they give the ACER management their rights to verify the stolen databases by choosing any table in the provided databases. Then, the chosen database will be exported by the threat group and be sent to the ACER management to be verified. 

An excel file was also revealed on the video recording, exposing about a million sensitive customer records, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers. A VAT report data in a separate excel file is also revealed on the video showing the shipping information of ACER India’s customer recipients, such as customer names, customer codes, addresses, VAT codes, items to be shipped, order numbers, and more. 

By the end of the video recording, the Desorden Group stated that the shown compromised databases are only a fraction of what they have stolen from ACER India’s server network. According to them, there are far more than a million sensitive records that they have breached aside from customer records, such as corporate, financial, and audit company data. 

Last September, Desorden Group also claimed a hacking attack against ABX Express Enterprise, a tracking company from Malaysia. 

Formerly known as Chaos CC, Desorden Group is a threat actor group that attacks supply chain networks and public services. They claim to create a high-level intensity of disorder and chaos to cause distress to different parties aside from their target victims. If the victims fail to fulfill the ransom demands of Desorden Group, they will threaten to expose and sell all the stolen data to the black market. 

As of writing, the Desorden Group has not yet updated their post in the RaidForums thread. However, the latest update from the threat actors states that they will be releasing more data soon. 

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