November 2, 2021
Global authorities cryptocurrency payment channels ransomware threat actors

Global authorities are hunting cryptocurrency payment channels exploited by ransomware threat actors

The European Union and 31 other countries have gathered to obstruct the cryptocurrency payment channels that ransomware gangs have exploited to fund their cybercrime attacks. From the virtual Counter-Ransomware Initiative meetings facilitated by the White House National Security Council, the countries formed the joint statement to address the ongoing cyber-attacks that exposed vulnerabilities throughout several organisations and infrastructures worldwide. The joint statement was issued by different representatives and ministers...
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Outage University of Sunderland announced cyberattack

Outage in the University of Sunderland is announced due to a cyberattack

An outage announcement was made in the UK following a cyberattack issue in the University of Sunderland that has affected its IT systems and caused it to shut down. This week of Tuesday morning, the first signs of service disruption were felt in the university’s IT systems. The impact of the attack was severe and remained unresolved.   Telephone lines, websites,...
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