November 5, 2021
MysterySnail RAT China Threat Group exploit Windows Zero Day Vulnerability

MysterySnail RAT abused by a China-Linked Threat Group to exploit Windows’ Zero-Day

IronHusky, a Chinese-affiliated threat group, has been abusing the zero-day flaw of windows using the MysterySnail Rat. The threat actors have uncovered a zero-day existing inside the Windows’ system, expanding the privileges for taking over servers and garnering ransom-worthy data.  The espionage campaign majorly affects the Windows client and server version, from Windows 7, Windows version 2008 up to...
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Google Cybersecurity Action Team Threat Advisory

Google announces that they will create a Cybersecurity Action Team

Google is forming together a group of experts to create a new cybersecurity advisory team.  In an announcement released recently, Google mentioned the creation of its all-new Goggle Cybersecurity Action Team. It will have a unified mission in supporting the digital transformation and security of governments, enterprises, critical infrastructure, e-commerce, confidential data, and small businesses.    What is the purpose...
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