A Thai hotel chain suffered from a data breach claimed by Desorden Group

Thai hotel chain data breach Desorden Group Hackers

A Thai luxury hotel chain, Centara Hotels & Resort, has recently published a statement regarding a data breach suspected of being performed by a notorious group of threat actors behind a series of cyberattacks in the past weeks. 

Through the security team’s investigation, it was verified that the system of the luxury hotel chain had suffered a data breach, and the threat actors were able to access some customers’ personal information. The compromised customer details include names, mobile numbers, email addresses, ID photos, booking information, and home addresses. 

According to the CEO, the data breach incident against their hotel chain has been controlled, although the investigation of the source, root cause, and extent of the issue is still in progress. Furthermore, the CEO has advised their affected customers to immediately change their passwords and be attentive in case of any suspicious activities within their breached personal information. 

Threat actors under the name Desorden Group have claimed to be responsible for breaching the data of the Thai hotel chain. The same group was recently active as they also claimed the two attacks against the tech firm Acer.

Aside from this recent hack on Centara Hotels & Resorts, another hotel and restaurant chain giant in Thailand, Central Group, was also reported to have suffered a data breach in its servers – an incident also claimed to have been done by the Desorden Group. 


The data breach on the firm has compromised over 80GB worth of confidential customer and business details. 


The threat group has reached out to a security expert to claim that the recent data breach attack against the hotel chain is only a part of a larger attack against the Central Group that a rich Thai family owns. Nonetheless, Desorden Group did not comment about the incident being a ransomware attack; but they highlighted that they have shut down the hotel chain’s entire backend comprised of 5 servers.

Within ten days, Desorden Group claimed to have stolen over 400GB of files and added that they also hold the information of all people who have stayed at any of the luxury hotels owned by Centara Hotels & Resorts between 2003 to 2021. Threat actors involved in the data breach attack have been reported to extort money from the hotel chain, amounting to $900,000.00, in exchange for their data. But Centara Hotels & Resorts refused to pay the ransom and threatened that their data would be published. 

As of writing, the luxury hotel chain has not given further remarks regarding the claims made by the Desorden group. 

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