“Isolated Attack” on the after-sales service system in India, confirmed by Acer

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Recently, data breached in the after-sales service system in India was confirmed by the Taiwan-tech company Acer. 

An Acer Corporate spokesperson stated that they immediately initiated their security protocols and conducted a full scan of their system after the confirmed detection of the breaching. They also added that they are notifying all potentially affected individuals in the Indian-based Acer company. 

In addition to their statement, the data breaching incident was already reported to the local law enforcement agency and the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team. Fortunately, they also confirmed no critical damage taken, and their operations and the business transaction can proceed to their standard routine. 

While the Taiwan-owned tech company did not provide any identification or details regarding the threat actors behind this malicious incident, a group has already admitted that the attack on Acer was their doing. The ransomware group stated that they acquired 60 gigabytes of files and databases from its servers. The claimed stolen data consists of corporate, log-in details, sales, financial, and customer details belonging to Acer retailers, sellers, and distributors inside the Indian country. 

As evidence, the ransomware group released a video boasting the gathered files and database, records of about 10,000 clients, and heisted credentials for more than 3,000 employees of the Indian-based Acer company. 


Is this the first time Acer got breached by an attacker? 

The alarming news concerning Acer is that two separate attacks in seven months breached them. The first one before this attack was the data breach claimed by the ransomware group called REvil last March. The Taiwan-based tech company was asked to pay a massive amount of $50 million for a decryptor and retrieve the stolen data. 

However, they did not confirm this major attack and stated that they only reported an abnormal situation to authorised law enforcement agencies and data protection authorities. 

Some researchers requested more details, but Acer responded mildly, saying that there is an ongoing investigation, and they cannot comment on the details. 

Meanwhile, Acer is still a globally recognised tech company specialising in hardware and electronics while being the world’s sixth-largest PC retailer by unit sales. In addition, the company is currently consisted of 7,000 employees in 40 countries globally and reported to have earned an estimation of $8 billion-plus back in 2019. 

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