November 12, 2021
Data Leak Subscriber Data Thingiverse open forum incident breach notification

Digital Design Sharing Website Leaks Over 200,000 Subscriber Data

According to a researcher, a website dedicated to sharing an original created digital design called Thingiverse has leaked 36-gigabyte backup files containing 200,000 email addresses and other personal information. The data dump is currently being circulated on a known hacking forum.  The Thingiverse purpose is to give free, open-source hardware designs that can be licensed under the Creative Commons licenses or General Public...
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BlackMatter Ransomware Flaw Threat Group Cybercrime DarkSide Colonial Pipeline

Security researchers outsmart BlackMatter ransomware by discovering a flaw within its payloads

A flaw in the BlackMatter ransomware threat actors’ code that had them lost millions in profit was discovered by cybersecurity researchers. The flaw enables the recovery of encrypted data without needing to pay ransom demands to the threat actors.  BlackMatter’s existence in the cybercrime ecosystem has been longer than its current re-emergence after temporarily leaving the scene. Analysts believed that the DarkSide ransomware is a rebranded version of BlackMatter. The DarkSide ransomware is also the threat...
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