Survey reveals that DNS cyberattacks pose major threats to organisations

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Cybersecurity leaders have conducted a study that shows the alarming hike of domain name system (DNS) attacks against organisations for 2021. The survey result revealed that within the past 12 months, 72% of participants had experienced a DNS cyberattack 

61% of victimised organisations have suffered from multiple attacks, while 11% are attacked regularly. In terms of cyberattack recovery, one-third of the respondents said they could recover after a few minutes. However, 58% of them has suffered for over an hour before recovering, while 14% took more than a few hours to recuperate. 


Cyber threats against DNS still fall past down on the list of cyberattacks among organisations.  


Nonetheless, compared to other top cyberattacks such as ransomware and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), DNS attacks seemed to be slowly going upward the list as time goes. 

In a separate survey, about 47% of respondents observed the increasing threat that DNS attacks impose. In the latest data release, DNS attacks have steadily yet slowly risen over the years, standing at a 55% rate. 

Survey results also reveal that 92% of organisations expressed the importance of their websites to their business and customer service. 16% said that their websites fully enable their business, while 56% said that their websites majorly contribute to their daily operations. Only 8% of the respondents said that their websites are not significant in running their business. 

The full reliance of some organisations on their business’ website does not mean their preparedness are efficient in case of attacks. Survey results show that only 31% of the participants are confident that they can easily recuperate from a DNS attack, while 27% are not confident. 

According to security analysts, even though some cyberattacks, such as DNS threats, may pose a minimal chance of happening, threat actors can still exploit any vulnerability they may find sooner or later. Therefore, organisations must keep pace with protecting their environment before attacks cost them their assets, resources, and time. 

Furthermore, the analysts have advised organisations to monitor the DNS traffic of their websites unceasingly. They must maintain healthy traffic hygiene and access controls for all accounts related to their DNS. Most importantly, the implementation of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) must be prioritised. 

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