November 27, 2021
Israel Hosting Company Ransomware Attack CyberServe Atraf Extortion

An Israeli hosting company has suffered from a politically motivated Ransomware Attack 

CyberServe, an Israeli hosting and web development company, was reported to have been hit by a ransomware attack by the BlackShadow threat group that stole their client databases and disrupted their operations. Clients of CyberServe include museums, local radio stations, and educational institutions.   The visitors of the CyberServe website were alarmed upon seeing an error message that informed them about a cybersecurity issue.   ...
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Threat Actors Discord Phishing Scams Fake Landing Page Social Engineering

Threat actors exploit the Discord platform to perform phishing scams

Security experts warn users within the gaming scene about a new Steam phishing scam being promoted on the Discord messaging platform that offers a free Nitro subscription if the user links their Steam account. The hackers use this tactic to steal game items from the victims’ accounts or promote other phishing scams.  Different threat actors and automated bots that use Discord accounts...
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