Threat actors exploit the Discord platform to perform phishing scams

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Security experts warn users within the gaming scene about a new Steam phishing scam being promoted on the Discord messaging platform that offers a free Nitro subscription if the user links their Steam account. The hackers use this tactic to steal game items from the victims’ accounts or promote other phishing scams. 

Different threat actors and automated bots that use Discord accounts are the masterminds behind the phishing scams. These actors are sending phishing links to users about a guide on receiving a Discord Nitro for free. 


The phishing scams include a short note or message that entices users to click on the link attached for them to enjoy a Discord Nitro in one month for free. 


Although the grammar and sentence structure is bad, the message may sound like a promotional campaign for Discord users to supposedly enjoy a month of free access to the Discord Nitro. Upon clicking, it will redirect the victim to a phishing website that resembles a legitimate Discord web page to promote the Nitro feature. 

Then, the victim will be required to click on a button that says ‘Get Nitro’. An identical yet fake Steam login form will be shown for the victim to type in their Steam account credentials. The credentials will be sent to the server of the threat actors to be exploited for stealing game items and performing other illegal intentions. 

Victims will also be required to verify their login credentials twice to avoid any mistakes or typing errors and ensure that the credentials given are correct. 

Threat actors used the Discord Nitro as bait for users interested in a month of free subscription to the feature. The feature is a paid membership plan of Discord, a popular instant messaging platform that comes with several perks and account customisation that only registered members can access. 

Discord Nitro’s popularity among its users has resulted in being used as bait against victims who are only interested in experiencing its premium features. Several malware strains have been distributed using similar tactics against unknowing users. Some ransomware groups are even requesting Nitro gift codes in exchange for a decryptor. 

There have been similar cases of phishing scams related to the gaming sector found by security analysts in the past. The fake landing pages used in the scams typically gets reported and blacklisted or removed. However, threat actors always find ways to register or move their operations to a new infrastructure. 

The gaming sector is not safe when it comes to cyberattacks such as phishing scams. Security analysts recommend that users or gamers within the landscape be wary about potential cyberattacks. If a random actor sent a message out of nowhere, offering promises that are too good to be true, it might be a form of scam, and users must avoid clicking on any links attached. 

Legitimate promotional campaigns of platforms such as Discord and Steam are always posted within their respective websites or pages and not randomly sent to users via private message. 

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