November 28, 2021
API Security Vulnerabilities Financial Services Firms Open Banking Third Party

Researchers advised focusing on API Security after finding vulnerabilities among financial services

Security researchers have recently published a study that revealed vulnerabilities from financial technologies, banking, and cryptocurrency exchange sectors. The open banking system drove the utilisation of APIs throughout the banking sector, allowing third-party developers to create applications within financial services.   For this reason, financial services are pushed to prioritise API security, whether as requirement compliance or as a business strategy.  From the study, a security researcher has focused on vulnerabilities among...
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Ransomware Groups Financial Events FBI NASDAQ Stock Exchange

Ransomware Groups are discovered to target time-sensitive financial events, as reported by the FBI

New reports are published by the FBI pertaining to ransomware groups observed to exploit special financial events to perform their attacks. The ransomware threat groups use financial events such as acquisitions and mergers to target institutions and compel them to pay ransom demands.  The FBI stated that ransomware groups research and acquire the victim’s publicly available data before executing...
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