December 15, 2021
Ransomware Attack HR solutions Kronos UKG Data Breach

Ransomware attack hits giant HR solutions firm Kronos (UKG)

A workforce management solutions and human resource management services giant, Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), reported a massive ransomware attack that transpired last December 11. The attack impacted the HR solutions firm’s Kronos Private Cloud applications, including Banking Scheduling Solutions, Healthcare Extensions, Workforce Central, and UKG TeleStaff. As the HR solutions firm works hard to resolve the...
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Java Logging Library Apache Log4j Vulnerability Exploit Bug

Java logging library Apache Log4j is found with easy-to-exploit vulnerability

New reports reveal a new zero-day vulnerability within the Java logging library Apache Log4j, tracked as CVE-2021-44228, that threat actors could find easy to exploit since it allows them to gain control over impacted servers. The discovered Java logging library vulnerability is classified as severe since it allows unauthorised remote code execution to be the...
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Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities Magniber Ransomware Malware Malvertisement

Internet Explorer’s vulnerabilities exploited by Magniber ransomware

Recently, Internet Explorer’s two new identified vulnerabilities are exploited by the malicious threat group called Magniber to attack users’ devices and encrypt them. The newly identified flaws found on the Internet Explores system are tracked as (CVE-2021-40444) and (CVE-2021-26411). These vulnerabilities both have a CVSS v3 severity score of 8.8. The CVE-2021-40444 is a remotely...
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Console Gaming Vulnerabilities Sony PS5 Firmware Kernel Exploit Cybersecurity

Two console vulnerabilities were found on Sony’s PS5 within a day

The latest cybersecurity news has shaken the gaming community as attackers are reported to steal PS5 root keys and exploit the kernel computer program, which revealed a wide vulnerability within its gaming consoles.   Security experts have found two vulnerabilities on the PS5 consoles that expose them to attackers who can control their basic features...
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Cybercriminals Malware Cyber Threats Banking MFA OTP Mobile Apps

Cybercriminals spread malware threats against banking applications

Cybercriminals have been actively targeting the banking sector as they release malware threats that strike mobile finance applications to steal victims’ banking credentials and credit card details. Based on data from network traffic observed on over 200 million international devices, there was about an 80% yearly increase of new banking malware and trojans that steals...
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Instagram Twitter Netflix Android Malware MasterFred Malicious Overlays Data Exfiltration

Instagram, Twitter, and Netflix users targeted by a new Android malware

Recently, a newly identified Android malware known as ‘MasterFred’ utilises faulty login overlays to steal the credit card information of Instagram, Twitter, and Netflix subscribers. This new Android banking malware also targets bank clients with custom faux login overlays available in different languages. The first MasterFred sample was first introduced in a cybersecurity firm last...
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Indian Hackers Baby Elephant Defence South Asia You Xiang Threat Detection Cyberattack

Indian hackers Baby Elephant hits defence authorities in South Asia

A new Delhi-based threat group reportedly strikes government agencies and defence departments of countries within South Asia, including China and Pakistan. The report’s analysis came from the malicious attacks of a threat group dubbed “You Xiang” or translated to “Baby Elephant” that targets the tech and equipment sector. The study also exposed threat actors who...
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