Ransomware attack hits giant HR solutions firm Kronos (UKG)

Ransomware Attack HR solutions Kronos UKG Data Breach

A workforce management solutions and human resource management services giant, Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), reported a massive ransomware attack that transpired last December 11. The attack impacted the HR solutions firm’s Kronos Private Cloud applications, including Banking Scheduling Solutions, Healthcare Extensions, Workforce Central, and UKG TeleStaff.

As the HR solutions firm works hard to resolve the data breach incident, they said that the affected cloud applications will be offline for several weeks until further notice. As the year comes to its final stretch, many client companies of the HR solutions cannot utilise their services, including those who need to record their overtime, night differentials, bonus payments, or even those who need to check their payroll.


The data breach might have compromised the HR solutions firm’s sensitive employee details, such as names, contact numbers, home addresses, employee IDs, social security numbers, and more.


Because of the ransomware attack against UKG, experts found that many people have become so alarmed that the incident’s Google search intent has outperformed the gamers of PlayStation. Researchers from iZOOlogic also reported that the data that has been stolen from UKG is being sold on the dark web for $500.

Since many corporations have been affected by the incident, a representative from the HR solutions firm advised their clients to implement alternative business measures for the meantime as the issue is being fixed so they can maintain their continuity. Some of their clients have considered the traditional pen and paper practice regarding attendance and scheduling, while others have sought new workforce management systems in exchange for UKG.

Kronos has established its brand well for a long time, dating back to the 1970s; hence the breach has shocked them and their big-time clients, including Tesla, Puma, Clemson University, and MTA’s timekeeping solutions.

In 2020, the HR solutions firm merged with Ultimate Software to establish UKG. Since then, they have begun struggling to update and enhance their time clocks and hardware systems because of the pressure of keeping up with workforce management solutions’ global rise.

Experts have also noted that because of the security breach that happened to UKG, it will be difficult for them to gain back the trust of millions of customers worldwide as we head into the new year. Companies are advised to reassess their workforce management system’s security given the recent ransomware attack against UKG.

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