January 11, 2022
Japanese Electronics Panasonic Data Breach Japan Brand Abuse Compromised Systems

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic confirms suffering from data breach

Recent reports revealed a data breach against Panasonic, a Japanese multinational corporation and electronics giant, that compromised their data stored on a file server as the unknown threat actors have managed to access their systems. A press release by Panasonic confirmed that their network had been illegally accessed by unknown third-party threat actors last November...
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France Cease Operations Ship Inspection Bureau Veritas System Disruption Cyberattack Maritime Logistics

Operations of ship inspection firm Bureau Veritas disrupted due to attack

A French certification and ship inspection firm, Bureau Veritas, has recently been hit by a cyberattack on their systems that temporarily disrupted their operations and slowed down their client services. The ship inspection firm said from a statement that they immediately triggered their cybersecurity protocols upon learning about the incident. To prevent the cyberattack from...
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Russian Chinese Ransomware Gangs Alliance Hacking Forum Dark Web

Russian and Chinese ransomware gangs said to be forming an alliance

Rumours are spreading throughout the entire cybersecurity world about the alleged alliance of Russian and Chinese ransomware gangs, wherein Russian threat actors are said to have initiated an alliance by inviting Mandarin-speaking hackers to participate in a hacking forum to exchange tips and tricks for malicious acts. Also, the Russian threat actors encourage China-based hackers...
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Threat Actors CronRAT Malware Ecommerce Online Store Cron Tool Magecart

Threat actors use CronRAT malware to target the E-commerce sector

Recently, a new highly sophisticated and stealthy remote access trojan (RAT) malware has been revealed within cyberspace. It can hide on servers peculiarly – by using a nonexistent execution date which is February 31st, inside the Linux calendar subsystem. The malware, dubbed CronRAT, is one of the latest trends within Linux server-focused Magecart malware and...
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TrickBot Emotet Botnet Cybercrime Malware Digital Risk Cybersecurity

TrickBot by Emotet botnet to make a comeback in the cybercrime scene

The Emotet botnet was the most widely spread malware used for spam campaigns and malicious file attachments in the previous years and is also known for infecting devices to install payloads like TrickBot malware and Qbot. The hackers would then utilise these payloads to create access for threat actors who deploy ransomware, such as Conti,...
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