January 19, 2022
New Custom Malware Ceeloader Nobelium Hacking Group Cyberattacks Russia SolarWinds

New custom malware ‘Ceeloader’ used by Nobelium group in attacks

The Russian-based Nobelium hacking group has been reported to use a new custom malware called ‘Ceeloader’ to breach the government and enterprises worldwide, targeting the victims’ cloud and managed service providers (MSP). Microsoft named the threat group Nobelium after attacking SolarWinds’ supply chain that compromised many US federal agencies. The group is also allegedly a...
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Glupteba Botnet Operation Google Suspects Arrested Malware Russian Hackers

Glupteba botnet operation gets disrupted by Google; two suspects arrested

Two Russian nationals were arrested recently after being linked to the operations of the Glupteba botnet for the past years. Furthermore, Google has also announced that they disrupted the malware’s operations to cripple it temporarily. Google removed over 63 million Google Docs files after discovering that the Glupteba gang used these files for the malware’s...
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