January 20, 2022
Threat Actors Hostinger Web Hosting Fraudulent Websites Phishing Online Fraud

Threat actors infested Hostinger to host fraudulent phishing websites

Many threat actors have leveraged free tunnel services and web hosting providers to host their phishing content for the longest time. And based on the latest findings of iZOOlogic’s cybersecurity researchers, threat actors are found to have been abusing the web hosting provider Hostinger for phishing attacks. Hostinger is an internet domain registrar and web...
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BlackCat Ransomware Variant Rust Language Linux Windows Malware Threat Actors

A new ransomware variant written in Rust language, BlackCat, emerges

Cybersecurity research groups have discovered a sophisticated ransomware variant known as BlackCat, the pioneer of ransomware variants written in the Rust programming language. It can also target numerous VMware, Linux, and Windows systems. As for its operators, researchers suspected them using a double extortion model and searching for an affiliate to whom they will offer...
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Cerber Ransomware Gitlab Confluence Application Servers Exif Tool Vulnerability

Cerber ransomware is back to target Gitlab and Confluence servers

Cerber ransomware is making itself known again, and it is now packed with new tools and strategies to infect its targets. Recent observations showed that the revived ransomware targets remote code execution flaws in Gitlab servers and Atlassian Confluence. According to analysts, the Cerber ransomware threat group now targets different victims worldwide and utilizes both...
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Hive Ransomware Ransomware as a Service Leak Site Dark Web Malware

The Hive ransomware is expanding faster, experts revealed

Based on recent reports, the growth of Hive ransomware is rising at an alarming rate. The Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is aggressively spreading its operation and has been eyeing many organisations globally since its first emergence last June of 2021. Security experts have acquired access to the administrator infrastructure of Hive, and they have dug deeper, resulting...
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Ransomware Cyber Threats Microsoft Secured Core Servers Digital Risk Protection Windows Server

Ransomware threats now avoidable with Microsoft’s Secured-core servers

Microsoft recently announced that the first Secured-core certified Windows Servers and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI devices are now safe against cyberattacks, including ransomware threats. The tech giant’s Secured-core devices are offered to protect users against the surge of firmware vulnerabilities exploited by threat actors in bypassing Windows devices’ Secure Boot and the deficiency in firmware visibility...
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Compromised NPM Node Package Manager Attack Vector Discord Tokens Communication Platform Info Stealing

Compromised NPM packages now a vector for stealing Discord Tokens

Researchers have discovered several compromised Node Package Manager (NPM) packages trying to hijack and steal Discord tokens. Discord is a growing chat app with about 350 million users globally. However, due to this popularity, this chat application caught the attention of numerous malicious threat actors. Recently, security researchers have identified 17 distinct malicious packages in...
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New Cybercrime Group Karakurt Extortion Data Breach Threat Group VPN

New crime group Karakurt exclusively works on extortion and data breach

A recently discovered malicious threat group called Karakurt has been elusively operating for some time now. Researchers have exposed and uncovered the new threat group’s strategies and procedures by tracking them. The Karakurt threat group can be classified as financially motivated hackers. Researchers saw the first sightings of the group back in June, with the...
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