January 31, 2022
Mozilla Firefox 94 Patch Release Windows Cloud Clipboard Cybersecurity Risk Web Browser

Mozilla details the Firefox 94 patch related to Windows Cloud Clipboard

The Firefox 94 browser has recently undergone an issue wherein people’s usernames and passwords were recorded in the Cloud Clipboard feature of Windows. Nonetheless, Mozilla has released a patch into this issue, categorizing it as a severe security risk that can expose users’ credentials to threat actors as they copy or cut their usernames and...
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Norwegian News Publisher Media Amedia Cyberattack System Disruption Data Breach Data Exfiltration

A Norwegian news publisher, Amedia, gets hit by a cyberattack

Amedia, one of Norway’s most significant local news publishers, has recently suffered a catastrophic cyberattack that caused their central computer systems to shut down. The cyberattack incident prevented the company from printing the newest edition of its daily physical newspapers. They explained that their press activities would be postponed until their security team resolved the...
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AvosLocker Ransomware Free Decryptor US Agency Threat Group Decryption Key Data Breach Ransomware-as-a-Service

AvosLocker ransomware released a free decryptor to a US agency

The AvosLocker operation has recently released a ransomless decryptor after realizing that they had struck a United States government agency with ransomware. In November of 2020, the AvosLocker ransomware group breached a United States police department that has encrypted the devices of the agency and exfiltrated data during the operation. However, according to a screenshot...
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RS 12 Crore Stolen AP Mahesh Cooperative Bank India Hacked Finance Cyber Attack

RS 12 Crore gets stolen from AP Mahesh Cooperative Bank in India

India’s AP Mahesh Cooperative Bank had been reportedly attacked by unknown threat actors that stole more than Rs 12 crore and transferred it to various bank accounts. The hackers used malicious bank accounts that are allegedly located all over Telangana and other Indian states. As soon as the affected banks in Telangana state had confirmed being...
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Florida Healthcare Institution Massive Data Breach Broward Health Third Party Risk 2

A Florida-based healthcare institution suffered massive data breach

A healthcare institution in Florida known as Broward Health revealed a massive data breach in its system that affected over 1.3 million individuals. Broward Health covers over 30 locations that offer various medical services and admits 60,000 patients annually. The healthcare institution revealed a cyberattack incident in October of last year when an infiltrator acquired...
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