February 14, 2022
Dark Herring Fleeceware Malware Campaign Fraud Prevention 100 Million Android Phone Mobile Users

Dark Herring campaign defrauds about 100 million Android phone users

A Dark Herring Android fleeceware campaign discovered a few years ago may have heisted over hundreds of million dollars from Android phone users worldwide who downloaded the malicious applications brought by a malicious campaign. Researchers explained that the offered Android application of Dark Herring had worked perfectly as to what the threat actors endorsed it....
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US Healthcare Sector Cyber Attacks Pysa Ransomware Mespinoza Academic

The US healthcare sector suffers non-stop attack from Pysa ransomware

The United States Health and Human Services have issued an alert regarding the ongoing Pysa ransomware attack on their healthcare systems and institutions. Experts stressed that Pysa is now a prominent variant of the Mespinoza ransomware strain that has been targeting healthcare facilities in the last few months. The Health and Human Services (HSS) has...
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Web Archive File Exploited OceanLotus APT32 Malware MHT MHTML

Web archive file exploited by OceanLotus to spread malware

A state-backed cybercriminal group called OceanLotus, also known as APT32, exploits the web archive file format to avoid detection from security solutions while distributing malware to intrude in target devices. The recent report of a cybersecurity researcher claims that the state-sponsored hackers are actively utilising the web archive files [.]MHTML, and [.]MHT for its campaign....
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TellYouThePass Ransomware Reemerges Golang Cybersecurity Malware

TellYouThePass ransomware reemerges alongside its new ability

TellYouThePass ransomware has reemerged in the cybercriminal scene with an attack capability of utilising the Go language (Golang) added to its malicious arsenal. According to researchers, Golang can help ransomware groups target many operating systems, including Windows. A recent report also revealed a code-level change in the ransomware, making it effortless to compile for platforms...
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Variant RedLine Malware Phishing Social Engineering Fraud Prevention VPN

A new variant of RedLine malware exploits an Omicron app to bait targets

Researchers have discovered a new variant of RedLine malware that distributes a massive number of phishing emails via fake COVID-19 Omicron statistics counter application. Additionally, experts stated that the RedLine is a commodity malware available on the dark web for all threat actors at a low price. Researchers first discovered the newest variant in the...
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FBI Authorities Warning Global Surge Ransomware Campaigns Brute Forced RDP Spear Phishing Flaw Exploitation Extortion Cybersecurity

Authorities have warned about the global surge of ransomware campaigns

The FBI, NSA, and CISA from the US, Australia, and the UK have released a joint advisory regarding the increasing sophisticated ransomware campaigns worldwide. Many high-severity ransomware attacks have targeted critical infrastructure organisations in different nations last year, based on a report. The advisory noted that the attacks did not prioritise which part of the...
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