February 16, 2022
Konni RAT Malware Threat North-Korea Cybersecurity Services MS Office

Konni RAT becomes a more dangerous threat as analysed by experts

Security experts revealed that the North Korea-based threat group Konni RAT has upgraded its techniques and expanded its attack surface to target several political institutions in neighbouring countries like South Korea and Russia. The researchers managed to identify the new tricks of Konni after analysing the newly developed Konni RAT samples. Based on the analysis,...
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Cybersecurity Firms Warning Users Log4Shell Log4f Vulnerability Exploit Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity firms continue to warn users against Log4Shell attacks

Several cybersecurity firms continue to raise red flags regarding threat actors who use the Log4j critical flaw – Log4Shell – in their malicious activities. According to the researchers, they have observed several attacks that have been actively exploiting the vulnerability. In the past couple of months, various security firms released an advisory regarding threat actors...
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Diavol Ransomware TrickBot Threat Group Malware

Diavol ransomware is allegedly affiliated with TrickBot threat group

The FBI disclosed an advisory regarding an alleged connection between the ransomware group called Diavol and the TrickBot operators. The Diavol ransomware was first discovered by researchers targeting several corporate employees back in July last year, and since then, the Diavol threat actors have been operating consistently. Researchers confirmed the connection between the two cybercriminal...
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