March 1, 2022
MS Teams Cybercriminals Chat App Microsoft Office 365 Threat Actors Malware Cybersecurity

MS Teams users targeted by cybercriminals through chats

Threat actors have reportedly been found to use the MS Teams in spreading executables via chats to distribute malware across all users. Microsoft’s communication platform currently has about 270 million monthly active users, making it an attractive spot for threat actors to target. Researchers found over a thousand attacks against MS Teams account since the...
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Hackers Exploited LinkedIn Social Media Phishing Scams Fraud Prevention

Hackers exploited LinkedIn to perform phishing scams

As February began this year, researchers observed a 232% upsurge of email impersonations in LinkedIn, wherein threat actors spoof victims’ display names and stylised HTML templates to trick people into clicking phishing links and inputting their sensitive credentials upon being redirected into fraudulent sites. For those who have been using LinkedIn, it has been customary...
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Google Drive Attack Vector Malicious Downloads Malware Scripts Cloud Services Brand Abuse

Google Drive has become the most efficient vector for malicious downloads

Recent reports revealed how Google Drive became the most exploited function that threat actors used for spreading malicious payloads. Based on data gathered by researchers, about half of all malicious Office documents spread globally were distributed by threat actors using Google Drive. The result of the report is based on a recent study that covers...
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Nvidia Ransomware Attack Lapsus$ Hacking Group Network Intrusion Supply Chain

Nvidia suffered a ransomware attack claimed by the Lapsus$ group

The Lapsus$ ransomware group claimed to have completed an attack against the American multinational technology company Nvidia, leaking many Nvidia employees’ credentials and password hashes. The threat group also warned about disclosing 1TB worth of stolen information soon. Despite governments and organisations worldwide anticipating cyberattacks following the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the threat group...
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Popular Fast Food Chain McDonald Ransomware Attack Snatch Gang US Russian Hackers

Popular fast-food chain McDonald’s got hit by a ransomware attack

The Russian-speaking hacking group Snatch gang has claimed to have stolen a significant amount of data from McDonald’s during a ransomware attack. The hacking group announced on their leak page that they had successfully stolen about 500GB worth of data related to the food chain. Moreover, the hacking group’s claim was further proven by their...
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