Popular fast-food chain McDonald’s got hit by a ransomware attack

March 1, 2022
Popular Fast Food Chain McDonald Ransomware Attack Snatch Gang US Russian Hackers

The Russian-speaking hacking group Snatch gang has claimed to have stolen a significant amount of data from McDonald’s during a ransomware attack. The hacking group announced on their leak page that they had successfully stolen about 500GB worth of data related to the food chain.

Moreover, the hacking group’s claim was further proven by their actions since they uploaded the stolen data with the corresponding images that portray McDonald’s’ tools and database.

Researchers explained that the malware utilised by the Russian-based hacking group is highly sophisticated and operates by rebooting their targets’ computers in Safe Mode. Once the device is in Safe Mode, most security measures are deactivated, allowing the group to continue their intrusion process.

Based on reports, the hacking group behind the attack against Mcdonald’s appeared active in 2018. Although the Snatch gang has maintained a low profile in previous years, they are now making noise following the conflict in Eastern Europe.


The McDonald’s attack ensued after the US CISA released the ‘Shields Up’ alert advisory intended for all US firms and organisations to protect themselves against potential cyberattacks amid the Russian-Ukraine war.


Russia has a long history of conducting cyberattacks, mostly against Western countries, including the US. The country’s reputation in terms of cyber-attacks proved how their destabilising attack activities could negatively impact affected organisations.

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has alerted many government agencies and organisations to be prepared against potential cyberattacks, especially since there were reports already about Russia attacking Ukrainian critical infrastructure and websites incessantly.

The US CISA published the ‘Shields Up’ alert aiming to warn all American firms and organisations to be watchful against the threats of cyberattacks from Russia, similar to what Ukraine has been experiencing.

There were no solid cyber threats directly targeted against the US that came from Russia as of now. Still, the government agency insisted that firms take advanced measures to protect themselves in the midst of a volatile and grave situation.

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