March 9, 2022
Daxin Cyberattack Network Tool Chinese Hackers Backdoor Malware

The new Daxin cyberattack tool is allegedly linked with Chinese hackers

Dubbed Daxin, a sophisticated network attack tool was discovered to develop stealthy backdoors and is assumed to be associated with Chinese threat actors possibly in utilisation for a decade now. The Daxin network tool is developed exclusively for attacking secured networks that enable threat actors to infiltrate deep inside the targeted networks and steal data....
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ICANN Ukraine Russia Global Internet Access TLD

ICANN refuses Ukraine’s call to limit Russia’s access to the internet

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion, Ukraine has been seeking the help of different companies and organizations worldwide to be their ally against the threats of the attacking country. One of the requests that Ukraine has made is for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN to revoke Russia’s top-level domains and...
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Cyberattacks Shift Focus Organizations Consumers Phishing Trojans Ransomware Adware Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks may shift focus from organizations to consumers

Recent studies show that threat actors will focus cyberattacks on consumers more this year than big-time organizations. Analysts developed this claim based on multiple factors that make consumers a better target for threat actors. In the previous year, ransomware groups have prioritised targeting high-end organizations to collect vast amounts of wealth. However, as security providers...
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Shutdown TrickBot Major Objective Cyber Security Analysis

The shutdown of TrickBot might have a major objective, based on analysis

The TrickBot threat group’s operators have taken down their infrastructure, making it appear as if they are permanently offline and inactive across the cybercriminal world. According to researchers, the hackers could be changing, as they had observed no latest activity since the start of 2022. The TrickBot is a pioneer threat group, and their infrastructure...
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Ukraine IT Army Defense Cyber Threats Russia

Ukraine forms an IT army to defend from cyber threats posed by Russia

Ukraine has reportedly been building an IT army intending to defend its cyber territory against hackers and threat groups from Russia. The ongoing war has also been tied with cyber-warfare, including wiper malware and DDoS attack campaigns against Ukrainian infrastructure. These unfortunate events led the government of Ukraine to form an army of cyber experts...
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Nvidia Stolen Code Signing Certificates Exploited Malware Attacks Windows OS

Nvidia’s stolen code signing certificates exploited in malware attacks

After threat actors reportedly attacked the tech firm Nvidia and stole 1TB worth of sensitive propriety data, researchers discovered that some of the stolen code signing certificates of the company are exploited to sign malware as trustworthy, which allows infected drivers to be installed in Windows computers. This recent attack incident is completed by the...
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TeaBot Malware Google Play Store Android Mobile Apps Attack Vector QR Code

TeaBot malware uses Google Play applications again as an attack vector

The TeaBot malware has been found exploiting the Google Play Store for the second time as an attack vector to infect unaware users. Since last year, the malware has conducted several upgrades to its attack chain to expand its surface and infiltrate more targets. Researchers discovered the trojan impersonating a QR code application on Google...
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