March 10, 2022
Lapsus$ Threat Group Cyberattacks Samsung Nvidia Data Exfiltration Dataloss Recovery

Lapsus$ threat group attacks Samsung shortly after targeting Nvidia

The Lapsus$ threat group has again performed a massive cyber-attack after recently targeting Samsung and leaking nearly 200GB worth of propriety data. The Korean tech giant was attacked right after the threat group’s attack on Nvidia that leaked over 1TB of data to the dark web. From a statement released by the threat group, they...
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RuRAT Malware Targets Spoofing Investing Firm Email Spear Phishing

RuRAT malware baits targets by spoofing an investing firm

Threat actors conducted a malicious campaign to spread the RuRAT malware, allowing its operators to access a compromised device remotely. Based on reports, the threat actors are spoofing a venture capital firm that fakes its investment or acquisition of a targeted site. A public forum received a spear-phishing email from an IP address that a...
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Google Releases Fix Update Phishing Scams Google Docs Alerts Brand Abuse Cloud Computing

Google releases fix to identify phishing scams from Google Docs alerts

From previous reports, threat actors were seen exploiting the Google Docs email alerts feature to spread phishing scams against users. This issue has made Google release an important fix to help users identify an email phishing attempt leveraged through Google Docs notifications. Google Workspace’s Docs app has long presented its alerts feature wherein users can...
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TrickBot Anchor DNS Backdoor Malware Anchor Mail

TrickBot’s AnchorDNS backdoor evolves into a version called AnchorMail

TrickBot threat group’s AnchorDNS has improved and evolved into a more malicious backdoor called AnchorMail, wherein the group utilised and adopted in recent attacks to launch the Conti ransomware. Researchers have warned organizations about this new threat since several new techniques have been executed to compromise targeted networks using the new backdoor and it is...
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