March 14, 2022
Critical Flaws Vulnerability Brand Abuse Pascom Cloud Phone System CPS VOIP

Critical flaws are discovered in Pascom Cloud Phone System

Researchers have identified three critical security flaws impacting the Pascom Cloud Phone System that malicious threat actors could merge to attain a complete pre-authenticated code operation of affected systems. The critical vulnerabilities inside the CPS can be linked together, resulting in an unauthenticated malicious threat actor obtaining root privileges on affected devices. Pascom Cloud Phone...
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Experts Cyberattack Surge Ukrainian WordPress CMS Website Protection

Experts observed cyberattack surge against Ukrainian WordPress sites

Experts have seen a massive surge of cyberattacks that targeted Ukrainian WordPress sites and attributed it to the current Russia-Ukraine conflict. Over a hundred thousand attacks were recorded within February 2022, with more than 200,000 cyberattacks between February 25th and 27th. Moreover, another researcher explained that most of the attacks were exclusively on a subset...
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Experts Significant Increase Russian Hackers Phishing Campaigns Cybersecurity

Experts saw significant increase in Russian-based phishing campaigns

Phishing campaigns from Russia have dramatically increased since the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Based on reports, the rise in cyberattacks, especially phishing campaigns, has grown exponentially since the last weeks of February this year. A security analyst stated that they examined more than a couple of million email inboxes since February 16. However, on February 27, the...
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European Officials Aiding Ukraine Asylum Ambuscade Spear Phishing Campaign

European officials aiding Ukraine got targeted by Asylum Ambuscade

A spear-phishing cyberattack campaign dubbed Asylum Ambuscade was seen targeting the European government officials that aided the Ukrainian refugees trying to flee their country after the invasion of Russia. The said cyberattack is still ongoing, and many European entities are trying to help confirm that they suffered from such attacks. State-sponsored threat actors are believed...
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Ukrainian Network Systems Sophisticated FoxBlade Malware Russian Hackers

Ukrainian networks targeted by the sophisticated FoxBlade malware

Microsoft revealed a detailed report about a previously undetected sophisticated malware known as FoxBlade used by threat actors to target organizations, government sectors, and users based in Ukraine. The researchers explained that the FoxBlade malware had threatened Ukrainian entities even before the ongoing Russian invasion. This cyberattack campaign is believed to be the groundwork for...
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