Ukrainian networks targeted by the sophisticated FoxBlade malware

Ukrainian Network Systems Sophisticated FoxBlade Malware Russian Hackers

Microsoft revealed a detailed report about a previously undetected sophisticated malware known as FoxBlade used by threat actors to target organizations, government sectors, and users based in Ukraine.

The researchers explained that the FoxBlade malware had threatened Ukrainian entities even before the ongoing Russian invasion. This cyberattack campaign is believed to be the groundwork for the arrival of physical assaults such as tanks, missiles, and Russian military forces.

Based on reports, the FoxBlade malware campaign was initiated several hours before the Russian military forces had started invading the outskirts of Ukraine. The sophisticated malware attack utilizes a PC for distributed-denial-of-service campaigns without the target user’s knowledge.


Microsoft researchers aided the Ukrainian government in monitoring and spotting the FoxBlade malware.


As soon as the researchers understood the FoxBlade malware’s threat poses, they immediately advised the government of Ukraine regarding the ongoing cyberattack and has provided technical information on how to spot and lessen the damages of the malicious code distributed by the invader-affiliated threat actors.

The FoxBlade malware is not the first and only threat that the researchers identified during these attacks and invasion against the Ukrainian entities and territory.

Recently, two new malware known as HermeticWiper and WhisperGate were utilized by Russian-sponsored actors to conduct data wiping attacks against Ukrainian organizations.

The researchers have also observed a considerable amount of additional cyber-espionage activities currently developing between Ukraine and Russia. Some experts also believe that the Russian government will bombard Ukraine with cyberattacks and its tanks, missiles, and guns.

The FoxBlade malware campaign seems closely related to Ukraine’s and Russia’s geopolitical dispute. Researchers warn Ukrainian users to watch out for cyberattacks that are currently happening alongside the physical invasion conducted by the Russian armed forces.

It is also essential to remain calm in accessing cyberspace at this chaotic time since it can be their last resort if the ongoing invasion escalates.

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