March 22, 2022
Security Solutions Firm Okta IAM Data Breach Lapsus$ Hacking Group Ransomware

Solutions firm Okta probes an alleged data breach made by Lapsus$ group

The Lapsus$ group has recently shared another attack operation involving the leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions and authentication services firm, Okta. The threat group has allegedly infiltrated the firm’s customer data and leaked it on their Telegram channel, with some screenshots for proof. Based in San Francisco, USA, Okta employs over 5,000 workforces...
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Lapsus$ Data Leak Source Code Microsoft Azure DevOps Server Bing Cortana

Lapsus$ leaks project source code from Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Server

Microsoft’s internal Azure DevOps Server projects, including Bing and Cortana, were recently targeted by the threat group Lapsus$, leaking the projects’ source code to the public. Through their Telegram channel, the Lapsus$ threat group shared a screenshot showing the Azure DevOps Server of Microsoft, which contains the source code for many of the giant tech...
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RedLine Stealer Malware Fake Valorant Cheat Guide AimBot Gaming Discord

RedLine Stealer spread through fake Valorant cheat guide

Multiple threat actors have abused YouTube’s new submission guidelines to distribute malware, such as the RedLine Stealer, which has targeted the Valorant gaming community on the popular streaming site. The RedLine stealer propagation campaign abuses RIOT GAMES’ first-person shooter game called Valorant. Based on reports, the threat actors endorse cheat codes to bait players into...
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South Korea Search Engine Platform Naver Phishing Campaigns DNS Exploit Trickbot

A South Korean platform, Naver, gets abused for phishing campaigns

One of South Korea’s most popular online platforms, Naver, has observed a broad phishing activity related to the TrickBot botnet, aiming to steal victims’ credentials using hundreds of malicious domains. The South Korean online platform operates like Google, wherein users can do a web search, create an email, browse the latest news, and more.  ...
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Mobile Malware Increased Threat Advisory Financial Malware Vulnerability Android IOS

The rate of mobile malware has dramatically increased over the years

Cybercriminals are trying to maximize their monetary profits, especially through mobile malware, as their attacks surface expands. Each year, the rise of the mobile malware rate has made cybercriminals more eager to abuse the opportunity. The malicious codes used for mobile attacks offer powerful features adopted by threat actors worldwide. Based on the latest statistic...
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