April 1, 2022
Muhstik Gang Exploited PoC Lua Sandbox Linux Debian Apache Log4j Critical Vulnerability

Muhstik Gang quickly exploited the PoC for Lua Sandbox

The Muhstik botnet gang was quick on their feet after immediately using researchers’ proof-of-concept exploit about the Lua sandbox critical flaw. Researchers released the PoC on March 10 then the botnet group has utilized it for distributed denial-of-service operations the next day. Based on the reports, the threat actors targeted critical vulnerabilities called Redis Debian...
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CISA DOE Joint Cybersecurity Warning Cyberattacks UPS Devices

CISA and DOE releases a joint warning about attacks against UPS devices

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) have published a joint advisory to warn US firms about securing their internet-connected uninterruptible power supply or UPS devices against cybersecurity attacks. Companies use UPS devices for emergency power backup solutions, especially in mission-critical environments like hospitals, industrial facilities, data centres, and...
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Google Ukrainian Users Expanded Security Protections Cybersecurity

Google gives Ukrainian users expanded security protections

Recently, Google revealed that it would increase the security measures of every Ukrainian user and website to help get them protected against malicious entities. The actions of other security groups have prompted Google to do the same course of action to help everyone against cybercriminals. According to a representative, the tech company added numerous protection...
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UK backs US Cybersecurity Russia Ukraine Conflict Hackers

The UK backs the US’s concern regarding the Russia/Ukraine conflict

The UK’s top cyber security authority has supported the United State government’s call for setting a solid defense against hackers, especially from Moscow, during this Russia/Ukraine geopolitical conflict. According to the NCSC, the current war near their region should encourage security providers to develop a more vigilant way of countering risks. The NCSC also recommends...
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Globant Lapsus$ Threat Group Data Theft 70GB Source Code Data Breach CyberCrime

Globant is the newest Lapsus$ victim, stealing over 70GB of their data

Another data breach incident performed by the Lapsus$ threat group was discovered by the researchers recently, wherein sensitive administrator data and source code of an IT and software company Globant get leaked by the threat actors. About 70GB of Globant’s data was reportedly included in the leak made by Lapsus$, claiming that the released archive...
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