The UK backs the US’s concern regarding the Russia/Ukraine conflict

UK backs US Cybersecurity Russia Ukraine Conflict Hackers

The UK’s top cyber security authority has supported the United State government’s call for setting a solid defense against hackers, especially from Moscow, during this Russia/Ukraine geopolitical conflict.

According to the NCSC, the current war near their region should encourage security providers to develop a more vigilant way of countering risks. The NCSC also recommends organizations follow previously published advisories on protecting their systems and networks against cybercriminals since they are currently unaware of specifically targeted threats against the United Kingdom.

The UK’s declaration of increased security came the day after the US released a threat advisory regarding the evolving intelligence that Russia is exploring for future attacks against numerous critical infrastructures.

According to US President Joe Biden, Russia’s cyber capacity is massive, consequential, and fast approaching. He added that Russian President Putin had not used its cyberwarfare capabilities, but it is part of Russia’s playbook.

The US President advised the Business Roundtable to invest in their cybersecurity since it is part of their patriotic obligation.


The US also stated that they are willing to aid countries with cybersecurity since most are on high alert during this Russia/Ukraine conflict.


According to Biden, their country is prepared to aid countries that will need help during this Russia/Ukraine conflict. They are willing to lend any tools and expertise to anyone. However, the US President pointed out that the concerning country decided to ask for their aid since it is their responsibility to take that action and not the US.

Moreover, several national security leaders have given multiple warnings to the private sector and the public regarding the dangers posed by Russian-based hackers since the pace of cybercriminal activity has skyrocketed after Moscow launched its invasion of Ukraine.

The Whitehouse indicated that they are constantly repeating their warning regarding possible cyberattacks. However, if organizations and the private sector take caution lightly, they will make it easier for hackers to infect and target them.

Big or small organisations should increase their security as the conflict has not yet subsided.

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