April 12, 2022
Google Play Malicious Apps Mobile Malware Sharkbot Trojan

Google Play removes malicious apps containing the Sharkbot trojan

Six Sharkbot malware-infected applications from the Google Play Store, disguised as antivirus apps, have been removed from the application store after infecting over 15,000 users who installed the program on their Android phones with the trojan. With the help of the malware, the malicious applications aim to steal banking data, personal information, and passwords from...
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AridViper APT Israeli Officials Cyberattack Campaign Operation Bearded Barbie Social Engineering

AridViper APT observed targeting Israeli officials in a new campaign

A new cyberespionage campaign carried out by the APT-C-23, also known as the AridViper APT group, has been observed by security experts, wherein high-ranking Israeli officials are being targeted. The advanced persistent threat (APT) group is a politically driven attack operator based in the Middle East and also goes by Desert Falcon and Two-tailed Scorpion....
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Android Mobile Phone Users Unidentified Spyware Malware Turla Threat Group

Android users targeted by a new unidentified spyware

A previously unidentified Android spyware has been discovered by researchers targeting Android users to steal their essential and critical information. Researchers explained that the spyware’s infrastructure is identical to a Russian threat group known as Turla. However, they could not yet attribute the spyware campaign to the Russian-speaking group since the researchers still lack sufficient...
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Cybersecurity Experts Social Media FFDroider Malware Malvertisement InfoStealing

Experts warn social media users against the new FFDroider malware

Experts have seen developments on a new information-stealing malware dubbed FFDroider that can steal victims’ credentials and cookies stored in their web browsers to hack their social media accounts. Verified social media accounts are attractive targets for threat actors since they can exploit them in several malicious campaigns, such as cryptocurrency scams and malware propagation. The hackers...
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DoJ Russian Malware Watch Guard Asus Cyclops Blink Sandworm

DoJ eradicated the Russian malware that impacted WatchGuard and Asus

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced that they have successfully eradicated the Cyclops Blink malware that attacked vulnerable internet-connected firewall devices of WatchGuard and Asus tech firms. This operation interrupted the Russian Federation’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU)’s control over the botnet that infected thousands of devices. Previously attributed to Russia’s GRU, the Sandworm...
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