April 18, 2022
Google Sued Puppy Fraud Scheme Operator Fraud Prevention Online Scam

Google hunted down and sued ‘puppy fraud scheme’ operator

A threat actor from Cameroon is found by Google operating malicious websites that sell basset hound puppies to defraud people looking for pet dogs amid the pandemic. Dubbed the ‘puppy fraud scheme’, the identified campaign had already been sued by Google. The operator behind the malicious campaign was a Cameroon-based individual named Nche Noel Ntse,...
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Data Leak Texas Department of Insurance US Vulnerability Fraud Prevention

A data leak occurred in the Department of Insurance based in Texas

A “data security event” in the Texas Department of Insurance resulted in a data leak impacting approximately 1.8 million people. The Texas Department of Insurance, aka TDI, revealed that the “data security event” happened on March 24. However, security researchers had noticed that Texas’ Attorney General’s office reported the incident on April 4. The leaked...
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US FIN7 Pentester Five Years Imprisonment Denys Iarmak Policy Enforcement Carbanak Cybercrime

US indicted a FIN7 pentester to five years imprisonment

A pentester named Denys Iarmak has been convicted to five years imprisonment after aiding the financially-motivated threat group FIN7 in their cyberattack operations. The suspect was charged with breaching the networks of their targets and stealing banking credentials for about two years, from November 2016 to November 2018. Furthermore, the suspect was previously arrested and...
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Florida Victim BlackCat Ransomware ALPHV Florida International University

University in Florida became the latest victim of the BlackCat ransomware

The BlackCat, also known as the ALPHV ransomware group, revealed that it has compromised and stolen personal information from students, teachers, and staff of Florida International University. The group claimed that approximately 1.2 TB they took comprised social security numbers, email database contracts, and accounting documents.   The Florida International University then stated that they...
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Android Accessibility Features Octo Banking Trojan Mobile Malware

Android accessibility features exploited by the Octo banking trojan

The Octo banking trojan is currently abusing the accessibility features inside Android devices, which can breach and put malicious apps in Play Store. The rouge Android apps exist inside the app store that threat actors use to target financial agencies and banks. According to researchers, the droppers are disguised as legitimate apps and are meant to launch...
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