April 19, 2022
Elementor Plugin Flaw Vulnerability WordPress Websites CMS Cyberattacks

A new Elementor plugin flaw exposed WordPress sites to cyberattacks

Researchers discovered a critical flaw in the Elementor WordPress plugin that could allow authenticated users or malicious actors to upload arbitrary files to impacted websites. This newly discovered vulnerability could potentially lead to code execution of threat actors. The Elementor plugin is a drag-and-drop website builder exclusively for WordPress, with more than five million installations...
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Social Engineering Tactics Online Fraud Scam Fraudsters Payment App SMS

Social engineering tactics used by fraudsters to trick payment app users

Numerous fraudsters are trying to deceive US-based users of digital payment apps into making quick cash transfers in social engineering attacks using SMS messages with phoney bank fraud alerts. The FBI warned the public about the circulating scam. In the public service announcement, the agency stated that the threat actors would contact the victims who responded to...
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Mobile Robots Hospitals found Critical Flaws Vulnerability Exploit

Mobile robots that aid hospitals are found with critical flaws

The healthcare sector is among the many organisations that have been targeted by cybersecurity attacks, including hospitals that hold a massive number of confidential patient data that could be exposed to data leaks when software vulnerabilities arise. Nonetheless, hackers still prefer targeting the sectors that would provide them with surefire financial profit and tend to...
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WonderHero Shut Down 300k Crypto Assets Hackers Binance Coin Cryptocurrency NFT

WonderHero shuts down after losing over $300k crypto assets to hackers

The developers of WonderHero, a cryptocurrency play-to-earn game, have temporarily disabled its service after an unknown group of hackers stole more than $300,000 worth of cryptocurrency from Binance Coin. The hack affected the price of WonderHero’s coin and resulted in a decrease of value to about 90%. WonderHero is one of the many well-known play-to-earn...
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META Malware New Infostealer Dark Web Marketplaces

META malware is the new hottest infostealer in dark web marketplaces

The META malware spam campaign spreads an infostealer that is becoming a trend among threat groups on the dark web. The currently prevalent infostealer malware is trying to replace the operation left by the Raccoon Stealer, who had recently shut down. Based on reports, the malware was first seen last March by researchers and indicated...
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Dark Web Marketplace RaidForums Seized Admins Arrested Data Breach Hacking

Dark web marketplace RaidForums seized; its admins get arrested

The notorious dark web hacker forum and underground marketplace, RaidForums, had recently been shut down by the US authorities during Operation TOURNIQUET, alongside Europol and other law enforcement agencies worldwide. Three of the dark web forum’s administrators were arrested, while the authorities also seized their main website, which now shows a ‘domain seizure’ message from...
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Research Analysts RDDoS Cyberattacks 2022

Analysts have seen a record-breaking drop in RDDoS attacks for 2022

The rate of ransom distributed denial-of-service or RDDoS attacks was observed to have dropped in the first quarter of 2022 based on the latest statistics provided by security analysts. The RDDoS operators hit a targeted firm with massive data to cause their servers a service outage. Upon disrupting the firm’s service, the threat actors will...
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