April 25, 2022
Cyber Security Researchers Night Sky Ransomware Log4Shell Critical Flaw Rook

Security researchers revealed further details on the Night Sky ransomware

A detailed report regarding the behaviour of the Night Sky ransomware was revealed recently, emphasising its new tactic of executing double extortion to its victims. The ransomware samples were first found at the beginning of 2022 during a short cyberattack that targeted two victims from Japan and Bangladesh. The researchers found developed executables in the...
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2021 Record High Zero Day Exploit Vulnerability Cyberattacks Cyber Threat Google

2021 marked record-high zero-day exploits hit, as per analysts

Record-high zero-day exploits had been recorded for 2021 after security analysts in Google disclosed their findings regarding the threat. The researchers also added that last year’s record of zero-day exploits is the most ever detected for a year — with 58 cases found — since they began hunting in 2014. Furthermore, analysts were alarmed with...
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Lazarus APT South Korea Chemical Sector Cyberespionage Operation Dream Job APT

The Lazarus APT targeted South Korea’s chemical sector

The North Korean-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) group called Lazarus targets organisations that operate in South Korea’s chemical sector. This current espionage campaign appears to be the sequel of the Operation Dream Job conducted by the same APT group discovered by researchers in August last year. At the beginning of the year, a research team...
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Microsoft DCU Zloader Botnet Command-and-Control Servers Digital Crimes Unit

Microsoft’s DCU shuts down the Zloader command-and-control servers

ZLoader experienced the wrath of Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit after it had taken down multiple domains owned by the botnet used as its command-and-control server. The domain takedowns were made possible by Microsoft DCU after it joined forces with several security researchers. According to them, the task given to them by their superiors was more...
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HOMAGE Vulnerability Exploit iOS Catalan Pegasus Spyware

HOMAGE exploit discovered targeting iOS users from Catalan

Catalan-based journalists, politicians, and activists are the newest targets of a zero-click exploit on iPhone’s iMessage app utilised to install spyware under the NSO Group. As dubbed by experts, HOMAGE is a zero-click vulnerability that impacts iOS version 13.2. The HOMAGE exploit is abused by threat operators to target people with the Pegasus spyware, alongside...
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Conti LockBit Ransomware Cyberattacks 2022 Malware

Conti and LockBit were behind most ransomware attacks for this year

For the first three months of 2022, researchers discovered that more than half of the recorded ransomware attacks were performed by two of the most notorious gangs in the threat landscape, Conti and LockBit 2.0. Based on experts’ analysis, the two threat groups were responsible for 58% of overall ransomware attack incidents from January to...
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