April 27, 2022
Beverage Coca-Cola Coke Cyberattack Stormous Ransomware Threat Group Data Breach

Beverage giant Coca-Cola gets hit with a cyberattack

The world’s most popular American beverage company, Coca-Cola, reports a cyberattack incident after confirming to security researchers that threat actors have compromised their network. As of now, the beverage giant is investigating the scope of the attack.   Based on the reports, the ransomware gang dubbed Stormous claimed the attack against the beverage giant after...
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Experts Rapid Network Cyberattack Quantum Ransomware IcedID Malware Cobalt Strike

Experts found a rapid network attack done by the Quantum ransomware

A ransomware strain first found in August 2021 called the Quantum ransomware was observed launching attacks that experts described as speedy as its progress seems to escalate quickly in a targeted network before installed security defenders could detect and conduct measures. According to the research analysis, the described ransomware attack only needs over three hours...
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Fake Windows 11 Update Websites Distributing Malware

Fake Windows 11 update websites are seen distributing malware

Since Windows has released its newest system version, Windows 11, threat actors have leveraged it to spread data-stealing malware that could affect users’ computers and compromise their privacy. This new malicious campaign involves the threat actors establishing a fake Windows 11 update website that baits users to update their computers so that the malware called...
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US Government Healthcare Hive Ransomware Malware RaaS Threat Advisory

The US Government advised healthcare firms about the Hive ransomware

The United State Department of Health and Human Services has released a public threat advisory for healthcare firms regarding the looming attacks of the Hive ransomware group. The HHS has made a thorough report about the strategies and malicious activities of the group to aid organisations in the HPH sector.   The government agency added...
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