Beverage giant Coca-Cola gets hit with a cyberattack

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The world’s most popular American beverage company, Coca-Cola, reports a cyberattack incident after confirming to security researchers that threat actors have compromised their network. As of now, the beverage giant is investigating the scope of the attack.


Based on the reports, the ransomware gang dubbed Stormous claimed the attack against the beverage giant after successfully stealing about 161GB worth of company data and breaching some of their servers.


From the leak site of Stormous gang, they have listed data cache on their market sold for about 1.65 Bitcoin value or around $64,000 if converted to fiat. Other files listed on the threat group’s leak site include text files, documents, ZIP archives, emails and passwords, and more sensitive data.

Experts state that the Stormous ransomware group shows no signs of deploying malware against their victims’ networks capable of encrypting their files and data. Furthermore, the gang announces that they have sided with Russia amid their ongoing invasion of Ukraine and will reciprocate attacks against hackers that attempt to strike the country.

Coca-Cola’s data set is the first one that Stormous has listed on their leak site. This recent attack against the beverage giant was followed after the gang inquired their supporters who should be their next victim via a voting poll, of which Coca-Cola won with 72% of the votes.

The threat group indicated that they would launch DDoS, data breach, and hacking against their new victim and added that it took them a few days to complete the attack on Coca-Cola.

As observed in the voting poll choices posted by the threat group, all companies listed are from the west, portraying the group’s stance against Western companies. Aside from the beverage giant, an American video game and software firm Epic Games, was also one of Stormous’ past victims.

Over 200GB of data containing 33 million information on the gaming firm’s users were stolen by the threat group. There is no confirmation yet coming from Epic Games regarding the alleged cyberattack; thus, the reputation of Stormous has not also been established in terms of their claims.

Despite Coca-Cola already beginning the investigation about the attack, they have not confirmed any data theft yet. The beverage giant also teamed up with security experts and authorities about the incident and has yet to disclose any information.

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