April 28, 2022
LILIN DVR Devices CCTV BotenaGo Malware Strain

LILIN DVR devices targeted by a new BotenaGo malware strain

BotenaGo’s new malware strain has been discovered by researchers targeting the LILIN security camera DVR devices. The researchers called the newly discovered malware variant “LILIN Scanner” since it is used by the threat actors in the source code during the latest attacks. Based on reports, the new variant is coded in the Go language (Golang)...
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Surge Emotet Malware Cyberattacks Major Cyber threat Organisations

The surge of Emotet malware attacks poses a major threat to organisations

The highly elusive Emotet malware has deployed several attacks against numerous organisations. There have been few changes in the infection process method that the threat actors do in controlling the trojan, but the primary purpose is to steal information from targeted systems.   The Emotet malware distributes infected documents in their latest onslaught.   According...
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Data Theft French Hospital France Disconnect Online GHT Coeur Grand Est Hospitals

Data theft hits a French hospital group, forcing them to disconnect online

Massive admin and patient data were stolen from France’s GHT Coeur Grand Est Hospitals after being hit by a cyberattack that forced them to disconnect from the internet to stop all incoming and outgoing connections. With about nine branches in the Northeast of France that employ over 6,000 staff and about 3,000 patient beds, the...
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LockBit Ransomware Finance Banking Rio de Janeiro South America Malware Data Breach Cyberattack

LockBit ransomware targeted the finance department of Rio de Janeiro

The finance state secretary of Rio de Janeiro confirmed that they dealt with the LockBit ransomware attack last week. Reports said that the ransomware group claimed to have targeted the systems connected to the Brazilian government, resulting in the loss of 420GB worth of data. The group intends to leak the stolen data in the...
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Video Conferencing Monitoring Noises Despite Muting Webex Cisco

Video-conferencing apps found monitoring noises despite users muting

Some academic researchers reported and warned that the Webex video-conferencing application owned by Cisco, and others, still monitor users’ microphone devices even if they have muted it from their end. The researchers also added that the telemetry data that the application transmits to user servers could be used to identify background activities happening from the...
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REvil Gang TOR Network Cyberattack Campaigns Ransomware Darkweb RuTOR

The REvil gang returns with a new TOR network for new attack campaigns

A new leak site allegedly owned by the REvil ransomware gang has emerged on the threat landscape after being inactive for a few months. According to reports, the gang’s new TOR network redirects its visitors to a new ransomware operation that seems to have already begun in December 2021. Furthermore, the new leak site exposes...
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SolarMarker Malware Improved Evasion Tactic

The SolarMarker malware showed signs of an improved evasion tactic

Researchers have provided a thorough discussion regarding the newly upgraded strain of the SolarMarker malware. Based on reports, the malware operators of the SolarMarker have now included improvements, along with an upgraded defence evasion mechanism to remain undetected and bypass security solutions. The operators of this new malware variant use stealthy Windows Registry tactics to...
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