April 29, 2022
Upgraded BlackByte Ransomware Malware

Upgraded BlackByte ransomware discovered on its new samples

Cybersecurity researchers have published a new advisory regarding the notorious BlackByte ransomware group. The advisory includes information and assessment regarding the newly discovered BlackByte samples from the group’s recent attacks. Based on reports, the analysts responsible for examining the group’s behaviour discovered several variants of BlackByte ransomware circulating in the wild. The variants are coded...
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Professional Threat Actors Deutsche Windtechnik Wind Turbine Germany

Professional threat actors targeted Deutsche Windtechnik wind turbine

Deutsche Windtechnik, a Germany-based wind turbine company, released an advisory regarding the recent cyber-attack on their systems, revealing that the company allegedly got hit by professional cyber threat actors that affected some of their IT systems. Last month, the firm stated that the cybercriminal campaign mandated the incident responders to turn off the remote data...
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Crypto Blockchain Lazarus APT Cyberattack Campaigns Malware Ransomware

Crypto and blockchain firms warned about Lazarus APT’s campaigns

Recent reports revealed that the North Korean government backs the Lazarus advanced persistent threat (APT) group in targeting companies and investors using cryptocurrency and blockchain with crypto applications injected with malware. Several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, CISA, and the US Treasury Department, have issued a joint warning that alerts cryptocurrency and blockchain firms...
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Russian Cybercriminals Money Laundering Solutions Scammers Hackers

Russian criminals are forced to seek other money laundering solutions

The sanctions imposed on Russia have forced the cybercrime community in the country to look for alternative options in laundering their illegally-gained money, especially since authorities have also shut down many dark web marketplaces. The Russian threat operators have sought workable solutions to withdraw their profit despite the limited options due to the ongoing Russian-Ukraine...
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