Professional threat actors targeted Deutsche Windtechnik wind turbine

Professional Threat Actors Deutsche Windtechnik Wind Turbine Germany

Deutsche Windtechnik, a Germany-based wind turbine company, released an advisory regarding the recent cyber-attack on their systems, revealing that the company allegedly got hit by professional cyber threat actors that affected some of their IT systems.

Last month, the firm stated that the cybercriminal campaign mandated the incident responders to turn off the remote data monitoring connections to the turbines for cybersecurity reasons. The German wind turbine firm then said it reactivated the connections a couple of days later.

The company added that they were delighted that the wind turbines it monitored for attacks did not impact and were never on the brink of danger.

Moreover, the firm assured its consumers that they would be back sooner after finishing their client’s operational maintenance and reviewing some security features to indicate if they will need to put restrictions.


Germany’s Deutsche Windtechnik company increases their defences to avoid similar incidents.


The wind turbine firm disclosed that its security team examined all its IT systems in a secure environment and that the security problems had been identified and isolated. Additionally, their security department has increased the security of its systems following the cybersecurity incident.

However, they revealed that their company has not fully restored or recovered its systems since their team completed the forensic analysis. The result has shown that they are being targeted by a group of professional malicious threat actors.

While the firm did not enumerate what type of attack it fell victim to, there is a high chance that ransomware might have been the real antagonist during the incident. However, there are no known ransomware gangs that have claimed to be the culprit of the recent breach.

According to a public forum, Deutsche Windtechnik, which lost command of approximately 2,000 turbines during the attack, fell victim to ransomware but managed to retrieve the stolen data and restore its systems without contacting the malicious actors.

The ransomware attack on Deutsche Windtechnik materialised soon after a separate wind turbine maker Nordex SE suffered an attack from the Conti ransomware criminal gang. Last month, wind turbine manufacturing company Enercon GmbH lost remote connection to nearly 6,000 turbines after threat actors hacked a satellite network.

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