May 10, 2022
Conti Threat Gang Costa Rica Cyberattack National Emergency Data Leak Government Entities

Conti threat gang strikes Costa Rica, causing a national emergency

Multiple government entities in Costa Rica were hit by cyberattacks done by the Conti ransomware group, ensuing in the assertion of a national emergency. Cybersecurity experts have also found about 672GB worth of government agencies’ data owned by Costa Rica dumped on the threat group’s dark web leak site. On May 8th, Costa Rica’s newly...
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Credit Card Stealing Card Skimming Russian Hackers Dark Web E Commerce CaramelCorp

A credit card stealing service propagates to aid Russian hackers

Threat actors, even those who do not have the advanced skills in propagating cybercrime, can easily perform financial fraud through credit card stealing services. A vital part of this service is for credit card skimming campaigns, where e-commerce sites are hacked and injected with malicious scripts that could compromise the financial data of the customers...
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Verified Users Twitter Email Phishing Online Scam Fraud Prevention Social Media

Verified users on Twitter get targeted by email phishing scams

Verified user accounts on Twitter are warned about an ongoing phishing campaign which aims to steal account credentials. Those verified users on Twitter have a blue checkmark or badge beside their names, indicating their status as celebrities, politicians, and other figures representing their distinction. All verified users must submit a list of their information for...
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Black Basta Conti Ransomware Hacker Group Malware

Black Basta may be connected to the Conti ransomware group

A new ransomware group called Black Basta has infected about a dozen organisations, and some researchers claim that it may have a link to the notorious Conti gang. The appearance of Black Basta was first discovered last month. Researchers also noted that they had already compiled samples regarding the new threat in February. The threat...
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GOLD ULRICK Threat Group Conti Ransomware Cyberattack Scheme Malware

The GOLD ULRICK group continues to adapt Conti ransomware’s scheme

A newly discovered threat group called GOLD ULRICK continues to adapt and operate the Conti name-and-shame ransomware scheme and adjusted well to the massive data leak of Conti ransomware’s source code. Conti is still actively circulating in the wild based on recent findings despite experiencing enormous data leaks from security researchers. The efforts of many...
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Onleihe Online Library Mobile App Cyberattack Germany Third Party Vendor Digital Risk

Onleihe, an online library application, severely affected by a cyberattack

After a cyberattack targeted their vendor, the library lending app Onleihe announced problems in multiple media formats endorsed on the platform, like audio, video, and e-book files. Onleihe is an application that enables visitors and users to connect to local libraries and borrow e-magazines and audiobooks. The application is utilised by various universities in Europe...
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