May 11, 2022
NCSC CEO Impersonation Threat Actors Phishing Scam Fraud Prevention Lindy Cameron

NCSC CEO gets impersonated by threat actors in phishing scams

The removal of unprecedented scams has been continuous to ensure the security of internet users from all forms of cybercrime. The NCSC’s (National Cyber Security Centre) report revealed that over 2.7 million scams, malicious domains, and phishing operations had been disrupted for 2021, which is four times greater than in 2020. NCSC disrupted a record...
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Fake Job Offers NFT Artists Attack Vector Infostealer Malware Fraud Prevention Social Engineering

Fake job offers for NFT artists vector to spread infostealer malware

A new infostealer campaign that targets NFT artists has been discovered circulating in the non-fungible token landscape. In Japan, the users of creator-oriented online platforms such as Pixiv and DeviantArt are getting phoney job offers that contain messages from individuals that impersonate Cyberpunk APE executives’ NFTs. Researchers indicated that these new baits spread across the...
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UNC3524 Cybersecurity Experts Advanced Obfuscation Tactics

UNC3524 intrigues experts with their advanced obfuscation tactics

A hacking group dubbed UNC3524 is found using thorough strategies in attacking corporate networks to intrude and steal data. According to experts, the threat group remained hidden from its victims for over 18 months while collecting information associated with mergers, acquisitions, and financial transactions. UNC3524 was first detected in December 2019. They utilised a wide...
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Cybersecurity Analysts Cybercriminal Sub Groups TA410 Hacker Gang JollyFrog FlowingFrog LookingFrog

Analysts found three cybercriminal sub-groups working for the TA410 gang

Recent research conducted by cybersecurity analysts revealed that the TA410 threat gang controls an operation containing three sub-groups. Although the groups are under the same umbrella, they have different tactics, techniques, and procedures for striking their victims. The three sub-groups working on the TA410 are JollyFrog, FlowingFrog, and LookingFrog. These three groups work separately but...
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Lapsus$ Threat Group Dark Web Data Breach Cyberattack

Lapsus$ continues to ravage its targets to leave a mark on the dark web

A new report revealed how the Lapsus$ operators deploy their attacks, including some information about the TTPs of the highly unpredictable attacks of the group and an analysis of how they select and target victims. In the last five months, the Lapsus$ group became notorious after successfully breaching big-time firms such as Samsung, Nvidia, Okta,...
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Phishing Operator California Online Scam US DoD Fraud Prevention DNS Intelligence

A phishing operator from California scammed the US DoD with $23.5M

A California resident phishing operator named Sercan Oyuntur has been indicted by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) for its malicious campaigns causing the US Department of Defense (DoD) to lose over $23.5 million in damages. The money swindled from the US DoD was meant for funding a jet fuel supplier. However, the phishing operator...
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