Omnicell, a health tech firm, revealed suffering from a ransomware attack

Omnicell Health Tech Firm Ransomware Attack

Omnicell is a healthcare technology company that assists with health-related equipment and tools. It is also an American multinational company that develops systems for automated medication management at hospitals and patient engagement software for pharmaceutical firms.

The US SEC received a file regarding Omnicell’s confirmation of a ransomware attack that recently hit them.

The company noted that some of its internal systems were affected by a ransomware attack. In its latest Form 10-Q filing with SEC, the entity revealed this detail and said that the ransomware attack impacted certain products and services, plus their internal systems were compromised.

Omnicell’s security team reacted quickly to the incident and took the necessary actions to contain the attack. The team also implemented strategies to restore and support the following investigations and operations by other cybersecurity researchers.


Omnicell has not yet given any details on how much the ransomware cost them.


However, Omnicell has not yet determined or estimated the extent of the ransomware attack, but they have already reached out to authorities and communicated with third-party cybersecurity researchers to analyse the incident.

Omnicell then stated their investigations are at the initial stages and cannot determine the exact impact of the ransomware attack on their business, operations, or financial conditions. There is a possibility that the attack only caused minimal damage, but the chances are slim.

The company ended their statement and did not give further details on the ransomware used by threat actors to attack their systems and did not say whether the hackers stole or decrypted any personal or corporate data.

Last year, the FBI revealed that the public health sector is the most targeted entity of ransomware attacks since most complaints came from institutions related to health.

The federal law agency received nearly 150 complaints of ransomware attacks from the healthcare sector. This record is twice the number of FBI complaints from IT sector organisations, the third most ransomware-targeted sector.

Omnicell clarified that their company’s security team is cooperating with their third-party cybersecurity investigators to determine the impact of the recent ransomware attack.

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