Adrastea hacking group claimed the attack against MBDA

Adrastea Hacking Group Data Leak Breach Vulnerability Cyberattack MBDA Missile System

The Adrastea hacking group claimed they had hacked a massive Europe-based multinational missile manufacturer called MBDA.

The company came to be after three of Europe’s biggest missile systems firms merged. These three distinct companies are from France (Aerospatiale), the United Kingdom (BAE Systems), and Italy (Finmeccanica).

According to analysts, the threat actors that represent Adrastea are a group of independent cybersecurity researchers and specialists. Recently, they claimed that they have successfully hacked MBDA.

Adrastea stated that they have discovered several critical flaws in the MBDA’s infrastructure and have stolen approximately 60 gigabytes of high-importance data.

Moreover, the hackers revealed that their stolen data contained information regarding the company’s personnel connected to commercial activities, contract agreements, correspondence with other firms, and military projects.


Adrastea then took to an online hacking forum, publishing what they had discovered.


Adrastea first introduced themselves in the hacking forum as a group of independent specialists and researchers in the cybersecurity landscape. According to them, they have found several security vulnerabilities in MBDA’s network infrastructure and breached the company using the flaw.

In addition, they disclosed that the currently downloaded data have reached up to 60 GB. The downloaded data included secure information regarding MBDA’s employees, which participated in the development of personal military projects of the company.

The hacking group enumerated the projects and revealed their names, such as Project CRONOS, CA SIRIUS, MCDS, D1NT, and PLANCTON, among others.

Adrastea also got a hold of the company’s commercial activities affiliated with the Ministry of Defence of the European Union. According to the group, the design documentation of the air defence, missile systems, drawings, video, 3D photo materials, contract agreements, presentation, and contract agreements were included by the hackers in the stolen data.

The group then shared a link to an archive protected by a password as proof of their hack. The archives contained internal documents related to the company’s correspondence and projects.

As of now, it is unclear if the adversaries have managed to infiltrate other divisions of the company since they have not disclosed the details of their attacks.

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