New pro-Ukraine hacking forum developed by anti-Russian groups

August 19, 2022
Pro-Ukraine Hacking Forum Anti-Russian Hacker Groups

A particular anti-Russian invasion group developed a politically motivated website called DUMPS. This newly organised hacking forum is exclusively for threat activity targeted directly at Belarus and Russia.

According to users who spotted the forum, it has shown a solid political stance toward aiding Ukraine against its war against Russia. Hence, the platform is only accepting topics and activities that show opposition against the two mentioned countries.


The DUMPS hacking forum has already been in the cybercriminal landscape since the early week of May.


The initial appearance of the site seemed like an ordinary Russian-speaking site that runs on a Russian-language cybercriminal page. Currently, the forum has over a hundred members, classified into different forms of cybercriminal activities.

Most of the workouts posted by the site members are from the malware sector, illicit material suppliers, and establishing access to targeted systems. Additionally, the forum sports an open invite for anyone to join.

A deeper look at the hacking forum showed its unique ideology of taking a strong political stance to support Ukraine as it defends its territory and sovereignty against the Russian Invasion. Based on reports, DUMPS is the only existing forum opposing Russia’s plans.

A recent observation from users revealed that there are specific activity sections that remained empty at the time researchers viewed the hacking website. However, the hacking forum is packed with leaks from several organisations based in Russia.

Moreover, site users have already shared stolen data from Russian entities such as government and private institutions. These firms included several well-known and essential government agencies.

Today, the forum operates several activities discussing the site’s plans to share Russian-owned data leaks. Some subjects are shared and cover distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS). There are also forged and stolen identity documents and bulletproof hosting services on the site. Numerous users constantly discuss and trade these services in the DUMPS hacking forum.

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