Twitter employees have mass resigned under Musk’s management

November 19, 2022
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About a hundred Twitter employees have recently resigned from the social media giant after its new owner, Elon Musk, let the staff choose between staying for longer work hours at high intensity or completely quitting.

This high volume of employees that quit implies that many wanted to leave the company following the recent mass layoff of many of its workforce under the command of its new owner, Musk. The employees were also upset about the changes in culture under Musk’s management, obliging them to work longer hours at an intense pace.


Elon Musk remained nonchalant despite the mass resignation of Twitter employees, emphasising that “the best has stayed.”


According to some intelligence sources, Twitter’s office will be closed, and its badge access will be cut until November 21. Many Twitter employees have taken it online to announce their departure from the company, while only a few have decided to stay.

Furthermore, a separate source shared that more than 500 employees have written farewell messages in Twitter’s internal chat tool. Nonetheless, researchers cannot verify the exact number of employees that have chosen to quit Twitter, as the company did not return calls for comment.

Although, it was evident that many of these resignations included the social media firm’s engineers that fix bugs and prevent service outages. Thus, people became concerned about the platform’s stability in the long run.

It was also reported that the Twitter app used by the firm’s employees has slowed down. This issue led to a commotion online, saying the platform was bound to shut down. The ‘Downdetector’ website also reported a sharp rise in Twitter outages on November 17.

Musk also sent emails to his employees, which stated that ‘Twitter 2.0’ must adapt to the increasingly competitive world; thus, extreme work must be executed. This email enclosed an option for the recipients to choose from, including a “yes” button for those who wanted to stay. Those that do not respond by 5 PM are considered to have quit and will be given a severance package as a grant.

Twitter users fear the platform is ending after Musk has taken over. Based on all its recent setbacks, it is still uncertain what will happen to the social media giant.

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