ALPHV gang allegedly struck India’s leading food service Jubilant

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Security researchers in iZOOlogic have recently discovered an alleged cyberattack incident against India’s largest food service ‘Jubilant’ at the hands of the ALPHV or BlackCat ransomware group. This finding was after the threat group added the Indian food service to their list of victimised companies on their leak site, claiming to have obtained the company’s data through a network intrusion.

Jubilant FoodWorks is an India-based food corporation with master franchise rights to many popular fast-food chains, such as Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Popeyes. The food service operates on about 1,701 food-chain outlets and boasts over 30,000 brand ambassadors worldwide, also standing as a market leader in the food sector’s pizza segment.


Valuable company data have allegedly been stolen from Jubilant.


Based on the ALPHV gang’s post on their leak site published last November 30, they claimed to have Jubilant’s sensitive information after hacking into the company’s networks, including valuable company data and its affiliates.

Moreover, the ransomware group shared screenshots to prove they had obtained the food service’s data. These proofs include Jubilant’s incident reports, login credentials, passwords, internal email exchanges, and financial documents.

Since the ransomware group’s revelation of the cyberattack, Jubilant has yet to release any statement or comment about it. It has also yet to be verified whether the alleged cyberattack is legitimate, although based on ALPHV’s notoriety in the cybercrime landscape, they were known as an active group that targeted companies without bluffing about it.

Also tracked as Carbon Spider, FIN7, or BlackCat, the ALPHV ransomware group is a Russia-linked cybercriminal gang first identified at least a decade back. However, the threat group gained its notoriety in early 2022 when it launched a series of cyberattacks against the fuel logistics and transportation service firms in Europe and the education sector in the US.

While the alleged cyberattack on India’s Jubilant has yet to be confirmed, possible affected entities and individuals are advised to enhance their security protections and report to authorities if suspicious activities using their information transpires.

Our researchers here in iZOOlogic will also probe this news and share developments once available.

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