RansomHouse ransomware cripples Colombia’s healthcare system

RansomHouse Ransomware Operation Disruption Colombia South America Healthcare Keralty

The RansomHouse ransomware group compromised the Keralty multinational organisation in Colombia last week. Based on an investigation, the healthcare system has suffered disrupted websites and operations, including its subsidiaries.

Keralty is a healthcare provider in Colombia that runs an international network of about 12 hospitals and 371 medical centres in numerous countries, such as the United States, Spain, and Asian and Latin American nations.

This international network is the home of 10,000 medical doctors and more than 20,000 employees who give healthcare services to a whopping six million patients. In addition, the Keralty organisation offers further healthcare provisions through its numerous subsidiaries, like Sanitas USA, EPS, Sanitas, and Colsanitas.


The RansomHouse ransomware operation disrupted Keralty’s operations.


Researchers claimed that the RansomHouse ransomware group is the cause of the disruption of operations on Keralty and two of its subsidiaries (Colsanitas and EPS Sanitas). The attack crippled the organisation’s IT operations, websites, and medical appointments.

Hence, the Information Technology outages have affected the Colombian healthcare system, with local media reporting that numerous patients must wait for more than 12 hours to get care. The delay also caused some patients to faint due to a lack of medical attention.

The Colombian organisation confirmed the attack after they stated that a threat campaign caused the interruption on their network, which caused technical failures in their systems.

Keralty group’s representative also explained that they are the object of the current cyberattacks within their nation. Fortunately, Keralty found a solution after 24 hours, and worked with their technical team and medical and administrative sector, to give continuous healthcare to their patients.

The organisation has reported the issue to law enforcement agencies and an independent criminal investigation provider to provide an accurate understanding of the cyberattack.

Keralty has also continued to implement its contingency plans to maintain its healthcare service and medical attention to its users.

The Keralty international organisation has yet to provide any detailed report on the IT disruption. However, many researchers believe they are either in the negotiation process with the attackers or solving the issue.

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