Yum! Brands lost troves of data from a ransomware attack

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A fast-food brand operator, “Yum! Brands,” which directs well-known fast-food establishments, has been targeted by a ransomware attack. Some popular chains under this brand operator are KFC, Taco Bell, The Habit Burger Grill, and Pizza Hut.

The ransomware forced the brand operator to close about 300 locations in the United Kingdom.

Yum! Brands is the operator of more than 50,000 fast-food chains in nearly 150 countries and territories. This fast-food corporation has more than $5 billion in total assets and earns approximately $1.3 billion annually.

Based on reports, the company deployed response protocols upon detecting the incident. The company launched containment measures such as confining infected systems and implemented monitoring solutions.


Yum Brands has followed every security protocol to deal with the ransomware attack.


Fortunately, Yum! Brands initiated an investigation into the ransomware attack. They also contacted federal law enforcement to seek expert aid.

The affected restaurants in the UK have returned to their standard operations and are not expected to deal with another problem related to the cybercriminal issue.

However, the company has confirmed that attackers stole the information during the incident but has yet to find evidence of misused data or leaks online.

Yum! Brands announced that they have an ongoing investigation to know more about the attack. Despite the lack of evidence of customer data misuse, researchers claimed it could happen soon.

The impacted company assured its investors that the ransomware issue would not affect their finances since most chains under their name have returned to their everyday operations.

The company also clarified that no other restaurant globally had suffered interruptions caused by the attack and does not expect this incident to have a lasting impact on its finance, operations, and businesses.

Yum! Brands has yet to disclose the total impact of the attack. Thus, other researchers are clueless about the breach duration and exact data stolen by the ransomware operators.

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