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New York Times GitHub Data Breach Freelancers Cyberattack

New York Times freelancers affected by a GitHub data breach

The New York Times notified the freelancers who contribute to their company that some of their sensitive personal information had been stolen and leaked during a hacking incident on its GitHub repositories earlier this year. According to reports, the perpetrators of the data breach attack used unprotected credentials to acquire access to the newspaper’s GitHub...
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Life360 Data Breach Hackers Stolen Data Extortion Cybercrime

Life360 faced extortion after suffering a data breach

The Life360 safety and location services provider claims it was the target of an extortion attempt after a threat actor breached and stole critical data from a Tile customer support website. The company disclosed that an attacker infiltrated a Tile customer support portal, allowing it to acquire access to various details, such as names, addresses,...
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Cooler Master Computer Hardware Data Breach Hackers

Computer hardware maker Cooler Master faces data breach

Cooler Master, a computer hardware maker, has suffered a data breach after a threat actor hacked the company’s website and claimed to have stolen 500,000 customers’ Fanzone member information. Based on reports, this stolen data breach included cooler master corporate, vendor, sales, warranty, inventory, and HR data. In addition, over 500,000 stolen Fanzone members’ personal...
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Sav-Rx Data Breach US Prescription Management Cyberattack

Data breach at Sav-Rx affects millions across America

Sav-Rx, a prescription management business, has notified nearly 3 million people in the US regarding a data breach incident. The notification letter explained that the 2023 cyberattack had stolen the notification recipients’ personal information. Moreover, the firm notified the Maine Attorney General’s Office of a cybersecurity breach that exposed the personal information of approximately 2,812,336...
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OmniVision Data Breach Ransomware Attack Compromised Data Hacking

OmniVision confirms data breach from a 2023 ransomware attack

OmniVision, an image sensor firm, issued an advisory stating that it experienced a data breach after the Cactus ransomware penetrated its systems last year. This affected company is a Chinese Will Semiconductor subsidiary that manufactures imaging sensors for various devices, including smartphones, laptops, webcams, automobiles, medical imaging systems, and more. According to sources, the letter...
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Dell Data Breach Stolen Data Dark Web

Dell warns of data breach; 49M users are allegedly affected

Dell warns its consumers about a data breach after a threat actor claimed to have stolen information from about 49 million customers. This prominent computer company began distributing data breach warnings to consumers, indicating that an unwanted incident compromised the Dell portal containing customer transaction information. According to the company, they are investigating an incident...
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Kaiser Permanente Data Breach Healthcare US

Data breach on Kaiser Permanente could impact 13.4M patients

Kaiser Permanente, one of the major healthcare providers in the US, has revealed a security incident that could affect about 13.4 million individuals across the country. Based on reports, Kaiser Permanente revealed that the sensitive data of approximately 13.4 million current and former members and patients has been inadvertently leaked to third-party trackers attached to...
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AT&T Data Breach Dark Web Compromised Data Telecommunications US

AT&T admits a data breach that impacted millions of customers

AT&T recently disclosed a whopping 51 million past and present customers about a data breach that exposed their details on a dark web forum. However, the company has not revealed how the threat actors acquired the stolen data. This breach is related to a substantial leak of AT&T customer data on the ‘BreachForums’ hacking forum,...
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SurveyLama Data Breach Compromised Data Europe

SurveyLama data breach endangers millions of sensitive data

Recent research revealed that SurveyLama, an online platform known for its surveys that reward users, has suffered a data breach incident. Based on reports, the breach occurred earlier this year, putting the sensitive information of 4.4 million users at risk. SurveyLama, owned by the French company Globe Media, has acquired praise from its users for...
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OWASP Foundation Non Profit Cyberattack Data Breach Hacking

OWASP Foundation admits facing a data breach incident

OWASP Foundation, a well-known non-profit organisation dedicated to boosting software security, recently disclosed a data breach that impacted some members. Based on reports, the breach occurred due to a misconfiguration in an outdated Wiki web server. This event has raised concerns regarding the exposure of personal data. The foundation received support requests a couple of...
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