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SecuriDropper Google Mobile Security Android Cyber threat Dropper Malware

SecuriDropper, a new cyber threat that bypasses Google defences

The new Android Dropper-as-a-Service (DaaS) called SecuriDropper is a malicious tool that could bypass Google’s latest security defences. Based on reports, this tool could provide its operators with seamless malware delivery to unsuspecting victims. This dropper malware on the Android platform acts as an instrument that facilitates the installation of malicious payloads on compromised devices....
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Windows OS NullMixer Malware Dropper Fake Software Pirated

Windows devices targeted by the new NullMixer malware dropper

A new malware dropper is being propagated through Google search results where users look for fake versions of software and apps only to be infected by several malware variants. The dropper, dubbed ‘NullMixer,’ primarily targets Windows devices and acts as an infection funnel to spread a dozen malware variants into one machine. According to researchers,...
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Android Apps Vector Banking Malware DawDropper Mobile Apps

Android apps vector of a banking malware called DawDropper

A malicious threat campaign that pushes Android dropper apps on Google Play Store seems to be the transmitter for distributing the DawDropper banking malware on compromised devices. According to researchers, more than a dozen Android applications are disguising themselves as utility and productivity apps. The researchers call the malware DawDropper, with infected apps ranging from...
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UpdateAgent macOS Malware Droppers Active Directory Macintosh Rogue Application

UpdateAgent macOS malware upgraded with new droppers

The updated version of the macOS malware called UpdateAgent has been seen by researchers circulating in the wild recently. The latest development revealed that the operators of this malware have been improving the malware capabilities and functionalities to exploit numerous devices further. According to the researchers, the new variant of UpdateAgent has been detected using...
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google playstore play protect malware dropper Clast82 mobile app monitoring

Nine applications on Google Playstore are distributing malware dropper

Google Playstore is Google’s Official digital distribution service of Android applications. Initially, it was referred to as the Android Market and is one of the most trusted platforms used by millions of android users worldwide. Google Playstore offers various mobile applications with almost 2.9 million applications available for download and is continuously increasing with an...
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JAVS Courtroom Cyberattack Malware Video Recording Software

Hackers breached the JAVS courtroom recording software

Threat actors have allegedly infiltrated the installer of the widely used Justice AV Solutions (JAVS) courtroom video recording software with malware. Based on reports, the malware has allowed these attackers to control the infected PCs. The business behind this software claims that the digital recording tool has been installed in over 10,000 courtrooms, legal offices,...
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CR4T Backdoor Middle East Cybercriminal Campaign

Hackers hit Middle East government agencies with CR4T backdoor

The DuneQuixote campaign revolves around a newly unearthed backdoor dubbed CR4T to execute an elusive campaign that infiltrates sensitive networks of Middle East-based government agencies. Based on reports, the activity was first detected earlier this year, although evidence suggests it may have been operational for over a year already. Researchers noted that this campaign is...
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Cryptocurrency Blockchain KANDYKORN Malware SocialEngineering macOS

DPRK hackers use KANDYKORN malware to target crypto experts

North Korean state-sponsored threat actors are currently targeting blockchain engineers associated with an undisclosed cryptocurrency exchange platform using the new KANDYKORN malware. Based on reports, they execute their attacks on Discord to spread this novel macOS malware. Moreover, the researchers have identified this operation since April and found connections to the notorious DPRK group Lazarus....
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SpectralBlur North Korean Hackers Backdoor Malware MacOS

SpectralBlur, a North Korean backdoor that threatens macOS

A newly discovered macOS backdoor named SpectralBlur has recently emerged in the cybercriminal landscape. Based on reports, it resembles the notorious KANDYKORN malware, another malware also created by North Korean threat actors. A researcher described SpectralBlur as a moderately capable backdoor with multiple functionalities, such as file upload/download, shell execution, configuration updates, file deletion, hibernation,...
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Facebook Messenger Phishing Targets Business Accounts

Facebook Messenger phishing targets business accounts

A surge of Facebook Messenger phishing campaigns has affected about 100,000 business accounts per week. A fake network runs this cybercriminal operation and compromises Facebook accounts, aiming to breach and take over business profiles with password-stealing malware that ultimately leads to a substantial financial heist. The modus operandi of these sophisticated Messenger phishing messages is...
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